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Super Combo Series 2 Game with Checkers and Chess for Kids with Family

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  • Made in India. Set in plastic so that the pieces doesn’t fall off. Long Lasting Chinese Checker & Chess Board Games.
  • Logical and Sequential Thinking, Concentration and focus
  • Intelligent Enlightenment – Not only suitable for adults playing with fun, this magnetic chess set could be a useful tool to enlighten your kids and stimulate their intelligence. Chess learning is no longer boring, but with joy and interest. Perfect for beginners and those indulged in electronic gadgets
  • Anytime Anywhere- Imagine having to shove a massive heavy game in your bag with other things you need to bring in your next trip. For your transportation and storage convenience, our chessboard is designed in the perfect size with a clever folding mechanism, also you can carry without worry whether you are at home, traveling on the bus, train, airplane or even camping.
  • Pemium Quality- Handmade with high quality material, the smooth surface of the entire chess board ensures optimal touch comfort while playing chess and checkers game. Best Birthday Gift For Kids
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Here is a great game of strategy!! And not a video game The ideal way to stimulate kids’ brain cells is to indulge them in smart games. Chinese Checkers and Chess has been one of the most popular and brain-racking games in the history of board games. You have to count on your skill, prediction, strategy and mathematics when it comes to this traditional game of Chinese checkers and Chess. Revamps your favourite board game to give it a convenient and fun feel with these board game of Chinese Checker and Chess. This conveniently sized board game is a great on-the-go companion to keep your kid busy. Interesting Aspects of the Game of Chinese Checkers The object of the game is to place one’s pieces in the corner opposite their starting position by moving them through jumps over other pieces. The game does not actually originate from China (nor is it a variation on checkers or Chinese chess), but was given that name in the United States to make it sound more exotic. Chinese checkers is a relatively simple game, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to win. Like any game, the more you play the better you’ll get at it. Interesting Aspects of the Game of Chess Chess is derived from the Latin word meaning “I play,” and the origin of the game has found mention in India’s ancient art and literature. The game of Chess was known as Pachisi and some of the paintings of this fun board game are found in India’s Ajanta caves. It is also a recorded fact that Emperor Akbar loved to play Pachisi during his leisure time. Variations of Pachisi reached England during the 19th century and it was eventually patented and sold as Chess throughout the world. Fun Board Game This fun board game of Chess and Chinese Checker can be enjoyed for hours at a time and is especially worth carrying along on those long journeys, such as when you are sitting in the airport waiting for a flight. A good aspect of this fun board game is its compact size, which allows you to carry it easily while travelling..

Specification: Super Combo Series 2 Game with Checkers and Chess for Kids with Family

Color Multi-Colored
Manufacturer Muskan Toys
Material Type(s) Plastic
Country of Origin India
Weight0.700 kg
Dimensions30 × 20 × 4 cm
The SkyDeal
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